Monday, December 10, 2012

Japan's thoughtful, interesting, stylish AND ACCESSIBLE bathrooms

This was an accessibility sign for a bathroom complex in Japan. Note the array of "who" gets barrier freedom and accessibility.....This signage was also in Braille and was a "talking" (two languages, Japanese and English) sign as well. Really cool!!
No Direct Support Professional content to speak of in this blog......but it does celebrate thoughtful bathroom technology and design for people with disabilities.....This is a really quick blog entry to share some photos of a bathroom in Japan, with a focus on how lovely and stylish it was, especially as many bathrooms I encountered throughout Japan are keenly designed with accessibility and barrier freedom in mind.  It took us the ADA of 1990 to legislate access in the United States. Japan is doing it with style and without legislation to my immediate knowledge.

Note the rails and the size of urinal for men to use for going # 1.  The space around the urinal is also very roomy and the perimeter will allow and is designed for comfort of standing from a wheelchair without blocking other "customers". It is also the first urinal in the is not "hidden, separate or at the end of the line".  Loved it.   

The other cool designs in the potty were the "family-with-infant-friendly" stalls.....I am not talking about changing stations (yes they had those.....really clean ones by the way!!) but see this next photo and note the left side.....

The seat on the left side of the picture is an infant"holding-seat" so when mom, dad or whomever is with small-fry, they can place the kiddo in this carrier as to not worry about the child rolling or crawling on the floor.  Clever, safe and a statement of the value of children and parents in this society.  The toilet seat is heated, has a built-in bidet and completely accessible for wheelchair users and people needing more space to do their business.  

Washing up is very important!  Here are the most stylish sinks going!!  Each sink is fully automated, low enough for children to use and the sinks are designed for people who use wheelchairs or adaptive devices to be able to comfortably access soap, sink and drying devices.....they use the Dyson Dry-Blade technology...I did not get a photo, sorry....there were several dryers conveniently and thoughtfully situated.

Not a great photo to see that the wash stations were very spacious and accessible. The sinks and adjacent tables seemed to lower and raise to meet the needs of the "washer"....

Ok....I hope you enjoyed my show and tell.....The reality is I am back from Japan, it is 2:30 in the morning and I am Jet-Lagged out of my mind!!  Strange blog entry perhaps.....but hey, it is my blog. I will get back to more Direct Support next time.....

brief note:  No status update on my mother-in-law to speak of.  Status-quo.....My wife and daughter still there for support and care.....thoughts and prayers are welcomed at this time for her.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family, John.
    Very innovative and creative, thought provoking technology! At least, in the sense that they have put a lot of thought into the "other" people out there, no matter whom the user may be- disabled or child. Nice to see, and very chic, too.
    Hope all goes well for your mother in law, glad you are back with us though.