Monday, December 17, 2012

A Brand New Day/Cedar Lake, Kentucky

What an amazing day this past Friday at Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake Lodge, Cedar Lake Enrichment Center and Park Place Residence near Louisville, Kentucky!! Joe Macbeth, Executive Director of NADSP, and I had the great honor and joy to be invited to the agency-wide celebration of certifying  110 DSP-Rs!   DSP-R essentially means that the candidates have passed the requirements and petitioned the NADSP and have qualified for registry in a national data base.  DSP-Rs are recognized as being in the initial qualification stage for national credentialing. Cedar Lake has committed to transforming the majority of it's front-line direct support workforce into fully nationally credentialed professionals with the DSP-C within 5 years. Amazing goal!! 

Cedar Lake began this wonderful journey towards a DSP-centric culture on August 2, 2012, at the Brand New Day Gala!....heretofore referred to as BND (I was not blogging then but may just devote a retrospective blog entry about that day in the near future...stay tuned) During the BND event last August every stakeholder in the Cedar Lake family committed to a 5 year plan to educate, remunerate and register and credential as many their Direct Support Professionals as possible.  This was such a celebratory day and was indeed the opening ceremony for what is to be a powerful journey towards excellence.  We were there that hot August day and we have watched carefully over the last four months as the leadership of this organization and the staff at Cedar Lake are fast becoming a shining beacon for similar organizations in the country to follow and aspire to become.  Cedar Lake is steadfast and on a clear path to becoming a true national leader in supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the emphasis on their Direct Support Professionals as being the primary vehicle for assisting the people supported in achieving abundant life and abundant possibilities in life.

Chris Stevenson, President and CEO, of Cedar Lake has been the heart and soul of this agency transformation and has clearly committed dollars and "sense" to make Cedar Lake the absolute pioneer in promoting competent and ethical Direct Support Professionals to the top of the organizational chart.  We see Cedar Lake and it's fine leadership as an example and model for a national shift into promoting organizational DSP-Centric culture and focus.This can only be done  strategically and with LOTS of focus on the right people leading.

Patrick Varner, Cedar Lake's Community Engagement Coordinator, is Cedar Lake's resident BND cheerleader and culture-maker.  He is at the center of the agency transformation and is a person who infects you with hope, inspiration and BND mojo!!   Ya gotta see this man in words can describe him!! He is important to keep the spirit moving.

Janet Wilson, Cedar Lake's DSP-Educator , (yes, the organization has created a specific position called the DSP-Educator that will help DSPs with all aspects of their credentialing journey as well as educate and train all staff of the organization)   had this to say about Friday's event,

" It is an important moment for us all to be supporting so many staff in this transformative undertaking, and we are looking forward to carrying on the work to build more steps in the career ladder. Most of all, the day served to reinforce the importance of the services that our DSPs provide to our residents, the full support of the organization, and everyone’s commitment to building a career based upon a firm foundation of our values."  Janet Wilson, DSP-R ....Yes, Janet is a DSP-R!!

Several other people are on the Cedar Lake Leadership team and I do want to give them a mention;

Jason Squires, VP Operations.
Jim Evans, VP Development and Marketing
Martina Netherton, VP Community Services
Clyde Lang, VP Finance and Administration
Marcy Clark, VP Human Resources

....all of these Cedar Lake leaders are critical to the success of the Brand New Day initiative and deserve great credit as well....

The most important people at Cedar Lake will always be the people supported.  With DSP-R and DSP-C staff by their side the mission of the organization will blossom, and life will be abundant for everyone in the Cedar Lake family.

So friends, look to Kentucky for some shining light!  Cedar Lake is an organization that has 110 Direct Support Professionals signing-off on their documentation with....


they deserve to be listed here!!!!
.....and here they are!!!

Nancy Acree Cedar Lake

Joshua Acree Cedar Lake

Carla Allen Cedar Lake

Kent Allen Cedar Lake

Erin Ayres Cedar Lake

Sharon Ball Cedar Lake

Barbara Ballew Cedar Lake

Cynthia Behymer Cedar Lake

Janet Bierman Cedar Lake

Elizabeth Bolin Cedar Lake

Virginia Bosco Cedar Lake

Deanna Broyles Cedar Lake

Laura Calhoun Cedar Lake

Keely Carroll Cedar Lake

Cassandra Carroll Cedar Lake

Leslie Carter Cedar Lake

Gail Cashion Cedar Lake

Claudia Castaneda Cedar Lake

Linda Chesser Cedar Lake

Katy Clark Cedar Lake

Katie Clark Cedar Lake

Deborah Clemmons Cedar Lake

Joyce Clubb Cedar Lake

Kimberly Coates-Smith Cedar Lake

Ashley Cooke Cedar Lake

Candace Corona Cedar Lake

Allissha Crawford Cedar Lake

Sarah Daniels Cedar Lake

Danna Dixon Cedar Lake

Billie Downey Cedar Lake

Angela Durbin Cedar Lake

Sandra Edsell Cedar Lake

Stephanie Esparza Cedar Lake

Aleshia Fisher Cedar Lake

Brittany Fitzgerald Cedar Lake

Vickie Fitzgerald Cedar Lake

Emma Foree Cedar Lake

Mary Fowler Cedar Lake

Sarah Fox Cedar Lake

Shelly Gaines Cedar Lake

Maria Gaona Cedar Lake

Rickey Geary Cedar Lake

Connie Gebhart Cedar Lake

Rebecca Goins Cedar Lake

Samantha Grigsby Cedar Lake

Laura Hall Cedar Lake

Sandra Hanley Cedar Lake

Patsy Hensley Cedar Lake

Vicki Hickman Cedar Lake

Ima Holland Cedar Lake

Renata Ingram Cedar Lake

Debbie Jackson Cedar Lake

Michael Jeffries Cedar Lake

Amanda Jones Cedar Lake

Michele Kidd Cedar Lake

William Kiser Cedar Lake

Amy Klumb Cedar Lake

Deborah Kopp Cedar Lake

Kandice Lane Cedar Lake

LeAnna Liter Cedar Lake

Harry Lyons Cedar Lake

Doris Marple Cedar Lake

Bonnie Meadows Cedar Lake

Donna Mershall Cedar Lake

Brianna Miller Cedar Lake

Leslie Mills Cedar Lake

Joyce Monroe Cedar Lake

Leslie Nussbaum Cedar Lake

Donna Ouellette Cedar Lake

Rebecca Payton Cedar Lake

Theresa Payton Cedar Lake

Nora Perkinson Cedar Lake

Candice Perry Cedar Lake

Jennifer Phelps Cedar Lake

Gene Potts Cedar Lake

Theresa Powell Cedar Lake

Tomasa Rogers Cedar Lake

Maria Rojas Cedar Lake

Lori Saylor Cedar Lake

Jaleesia Smith Cedar Lake

Karen Smith Cedar Lake

Stephanie Stivers Cedar Lake

Allyssa Storey Cedar Lake

Sheree Stucker Cedar Lake

Amanda Teelucksingh Cedar Lake

Kena Thomas Cedar Lake

Mary Thornton Cedar Lake

Ryan Timberlake Cedar Lake

Danyel Tingle Cedar Lake

Christopher Travis Cedar Lake

Tiffany Troxell Cedar Lake

Paula Tuttle Cedar Lake

Mary Ullman Cedar Lake

Tiffany Ullman Cedar Lake

Amberley Van Cedar Lake

Tammy Vanover Cedar Lake

Shannon Vogel Cedar Lake

Blanca Wade Cedar Lake

Rebecca Washburn Cedar Lake

Jennifer Webb Cedar Lake

Hazel White Cedar Lake

Kermit White Cedar Lake

Theresa Wigginton Cedar Lake

Harli Williams Cedar Lake

Janice Wilson Cedar Lake

James Witt Cedar Lake

Rose Witt Cedar Lake

Amegan Zaring Cedar Lake

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