Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a small world after all.

Thank you all for understanding my absence this past month or so.  I am back from Japan and back in action! 

This past week I visited North Carolina with Joe Macbeth and presented the NADSP Code of Ethics to a wonderful audience of 250 North Carolina DSPs!  They were all terrific and presented with very person-centered language and heartfelt commitment to people with disabilities.  Many agencies from all over the entire state of North Carolina sent direct support staff to enjoy a day of education, development and networking.  The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities was one of the proud sponsors of the event and for more info on them, please see the link. 

Coming back to the United States from Asia is always a difficult transition for me.  However, this return was sweet and going to the great state of North Carolina as the first gig of 2013 and as my first experience back in the saddle in my country was very meaningful.  DSPs in the south are no different that DSPs in the northeast.  They are no different than DSPs on the west coast. They are really no different than DSPs from Japan.  The unifying and common denominators are simple.  Direct Support Professionals understand the value of people with disabilities.  Direct Support Professionals see that people with disabilities are people first and that their role is to support and help give foundation so that people with disabilities have a level playing field.  Direct Support Professionals have an obligation to be ambassadors for the people with whom they work so they have access and opportunity in the world; the big beautiful world we all share.  It is a small world after all.

Next week I will visit H.I.T. Inc in Mandan/Bismarck North Dakota and spend a few days spreading the good word about the NADSP and the Code of Ethics.

It is great to be back home.  2013 will be an important year for direct support....guaranteed.

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