Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving for DSPs!!

It is Thanksgiving Eve 2012.  There over 1,000,000 Direct Support Professionals throughout the United States right now doing incredible work to make sure that the people they support are given a Happy Thanksgiving.  I can see it now....The overnight shift tonight will be preparing the turkeys, tofurkeys and all the (longer-to-prepare) items, tomorrow the morning shift will ensure that family visits are organized and that all the details of the day are in order and that stuffing is prepared and pies are cooked and that people who are supported with dietary and food consistency needs will have chopped/pureed and tasty Thanksgiving fare.... Tomorrow's afternoon and evening shift DSPs will assist and support countless people in celebrating our rich American tradition of Thanksgiving.  In all there will also be countless Direct Support Professionals who are not on shift this Thanksgiving who will be bringing some of the people they support (who may not have family) to their personal family gatherings.  Moreover, I can also imagine and guarantee that there will also be lots of Direct Support staff not scheduled to work tomorrow who will end up visiting the people they support anyway!

Yes, DSPs are dedicated year round but ....they really tend to be ultra-sensitive and involved with the folks they serve during the holidays.

Countless people who are lovingly supported by Direct Support Professionals often have no voice to say thank you.  Or, sometimes there is not a thank you given for whatever reason. Trust me, they are very thankful to you.

Today, on Thanksgiving Eve, I would like to on behalf of all the people who depend on DSPs all year, and on behalf of myself, the NADSP and all the providers and families who rely on you......

THANK YOU!!!   Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Beautiful and true, thank you John and all at the NADSP, (et al aforementioned) for realizing, remembering and voicing this for all of US. I'll forwardly say Happy Thanksgiving to all and yours as well, as the voice of the workforce known as DSPs.

  2. *as A voice, not THE voice, I should say