Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DSP....Direct Support Patriots!

I feel a need to express my gratitude to the tens of thousands of direct support professionals who are working this July 4th throughout the United States.  To me, these direct support "patriots" are truly helping thousands of people with disabilities secure freedom and justice.  Patriots are people who love their country and it's way of life.  Justice and equity are the basic foundation that the Constitution of the Untied States is founded upon. Goodness knows that ethical and competent direct support professionals are constantly ensuring that justice, fairness and equity flow evenly for those they support.  Often, people with disabilities can experience barriers to such freedoms so many of us take for granted.  There are frequent moments in the daily work of a direct support professional where they help the people they support overcome such obstacles. One of the tenets of the National alliance for Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics is Justice, Fairness and Equity. It states; 

As a DSP, I will promote and practice justice, fairness, and equity for the people I support and the community as a whole. I will affirm the human rights, civil rights and responsibilities of the people I support.

As a DSP, I will:
  • Help the people I support use the opportunities and the resources of the community available to everyone.
  • Help the individuals I support understand and express their rights and responsibilities.
  • Understand the guardianship or other legal representation of individuals I support, and work in partnership with legal representatives to assure that the individual’s preferences and interests are honored.

I think this July 4th holiday is good a day as any to salute the 1.2 million strong, direct support professional workforce of the United States who are indeed patriots and professionals.  Lastly, as stated directly from the NADSP Code of Ethics, direct support professionals who follow the code "assist us all in staying the course of securing freedom, justice, and equality for all."  So, if you see a direct support professional, please tell them thank you. They are just as much patriotic and as important as the soldiers who protect our country from enemies, the police officers who protect our domestic interests and anyone who loves this country for the freedom we cherish.  Hey, you likely  may be relying on a direct support professional to help you ensure your freedom someday!!  Happy Independence Day!!

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